Great Halls and Houses of the county

Rural England at its best. Stately homes and stunning gardens are plenty in Northamptonshire. Many of these historic houses are still lived in and their owners can trace more than 600 years of continuous ownership. Northamptonshire is alive with history and it's there for your discovery. See the castle at Rockingham and breath the atmosphere where William the Conqueror once subdued his kingdom. Discover the home of George Washington's ancestors at Sulgrave and take in the impressive sight of the 'English Versailles' known as Boughton House near Kettering. Northamptonshire has a rich and fascinating heritage.

Did you know ?
Mary Queen of Scots lost her head and Charles 1st lost his throne in Northamptonshire. Of the three surviving Queen Eleanor Crosses in England, two are in Northamptonshire. The largest and best preserved Anglo Saxon church, built around 680AD can be found in Northamptonshire. On a more modern note, born in Rushden, author H.E.Bates, was inspired by his home county to write, 'The Darling Buds of May.'

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