The Welsh House

Built in 1595 on Market Square – one of the few buildings to escape the Great Fire of 1675. It has Welsh motto around coat of arms on its facade meaning, "Without God, nothing. With God, enough." Its appearance had changed considerably over the centuries but when it was incorporated into the Grosvenor Shopping Centre it was reconstructed to its original design. The building which stands today is a replica, only the staircase and the arms being original.


Welsh House 1595. Its Motto Heb dyw heb dym Dywa digon [without god without everything. With god enough]

During the Great Fire of Northampton in 1675, when fire broke out in St. Mary`s Street and swept round the town, townsfolk fled to the Market Square, thinking to be safe but were surrounded by flames. They escaped by passing through this house, then owned by Dr. Danvers, into the orchards behind it. Built by John Parker, serjeant at law, It owes its Welsh association to the times when drovers brought sheep down the Welsh Lane to the markets and fairs of Banbury and Northampton in medieval times. Welsh
Road, or Banbury Lane as it is now known, is probably the oldest highway in the county.

In 1831 the Northampton Herald newspaper was founded and initially based at the Welsh House. It is presently home to Yorks Travel agents. It got its name from the Welshmen who drove cattle to Northampton fairs and is perhaps the oldest building belonging to the late Elizabethan era.