All Saints, Brixworth

Englands largest and finest surviving Anglo Saxon church stands in our county in the village of Brixworth, 4 miles north of Northampton. Dating back to 680 AD, it has the unusual feature of an ambulatory running around the original apse below ground level. Steps lead down to the ambulatory, and originally it was covered by a barrel vault. The use of this ambulatory was probably to house or provide access to preserved relics.


One such relic is believed to be St Boniface' larynx bone. It was considered important in those early times to have some connection with a known holy person. The bone was displayed for many years above the pulpit, but increased vandalism and theft of the building in recent years has forced its removal to a safer place. The feast of St Boniface is commemorated today with the annual church fete, always on the first weekend in June.


The church had a new bell hung in 1993. It was installed to commemorate the end of a restoration compaign spearheaded by the Friends of All Saints' Brixworth to reinforce the spire and tower. For many years the bells were silent because of the weak structure of the tower.