Bunkers Hill Farm

As with most of William Wentworths Follies, Bunkers Hill Farm stands in a prominent position on the brow of a hill for maximum impact. Built in 1776 to commemorate the Battle of Bunkers Hill of 1775. This battle was the first major engagement of the American War of Independence. General Sir William Howe (1729-1814) who led the British in this battle, was the nephew of William Wentworth. Soon after this first encounter, Howe became Commander-in-Chief of the British forces and defeated the American colonists at Brandywine.

In honour of this victory, Wentworth had this Gothic folly built which was to be the most functional of all his Follies. The two sides that are visible from the Hall across the valley have the classic Gothic castellation and quatrefoil windows. The Public Right of Way goes directly under the shadow of this building and it is best viewed from this path.