The Follies of Boughton Park

The Follies of Boughton Park, seven extravagant structures built to serve as a conversation piece, lend interest to a view or commemorate a person or event are a must see for any visitor. These structures have been standing for more than 150 years and are the largest collection of Follies in Northamptonshire, enriching the tranquil valley of Boughton Park with their eccentricity. Four of these structures can be easily accessed by road but parking places are non existent. Ultimately, all seven are best viewed by walking the scenic Right of Way footpaths around Boughton Park. Mostly built by William Wentworth, 2nd Earl of Strafford (1722 - 91) during his time at Boughton Hall, this local heritage , once almost forgotten, is now of national importance.

Northampton County Council, in their ill judged wisdom, has put forth planning proposals for a North-Western orbital bypass to the town that will ultimately destroy the landscape of Boughton Park and the surrounding Follies. The integrity and cohesion of this historic 'garden' landscape will be disected and fragmented if this bypass is allowed to go ahead, seperating the Spectacle, Holly Lodge, the Grotto, Bunkers Hill Farm and New Park Barn from Boughton Hall, the Hawking Tower, the Obelisk and the remains of the 13th century church, St John the Baptist. Destroying Boughton Park should not be an option. It will be a FOLLY by another meaning if our historic wealth is wiped out by financial ignorance.