Most Hated Building

Local attraction? Maybe, maybe not but it will soon be no more. Recently voted the third most hated building in Britain is Northamptons Greyfriars bus station. It is linked to Northamptons Grosvenor Centre and has been a carbunkle on its side since it was built in 1974. Described by the vast majority of locals as a monstrosity, it is now being featured on Channel Four's Demolition series. Visitors to the town enter the bus station via what is described as the black hole of hell: the darkest and bleakest hole imaginable and not at all welcoming for visitors to the market town.


It has been earmarked for demolition for the last ten years but the borough council has no funds or immediate plans to redevelop or re-situate the bus station for at least another five years. When it is finally demolished, the land will be set aside for the expansion of the Grosvenor Centre. The bus station will be moved over the road on to the pay and display car park next door to the Crown Courts. Lets hope that when the council finally get their collective fingers out, that the new station will be brighter, airier and more much more welcoming than this behemoth.