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The word, Photography, is derived from the Greek photos (“light”) and graphein (“to draw”), a phrase that means "Painting with light". I use the digital format for my photography and painted pixels was the perfect fit as the name for this site.

Northampton is, arguably, the furthest town from the coasts of Britain and was once, unbelievably, a port, 70 miles from the nearest shore. Northampton has visions of becoming a port again with a new proposal to widen and deepen the river along the whole of its navigable length so that fairly large sea-going barges can use it. Northampton is where I live and work. The Shire is noted for its wealth of church architecture and medieval craftsmanship. Although this site is in it's infancy, I will be expanding on the historical facts of the town and peeking into a golden era, a colourful and regal history that almost made Northampton the Capital of Britain.

I hope you find the articles and pictures about Northamptonshire, informative and helpful and encourages you to explore our town and county's rich heritage. You will not be disappointed. Northamptonshire is alive with history; come and breathe it.